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Latisse is a simple and effective way to grow your natural eyelashes. Like your skin, your eyelashes are affected by the aging process and genetics; both of these factors can lead to thinning lashes over time. Do you want fuller, thicker eyelashes to enhance your eyes? Dr. Killingsworth, Dr. Farber, and their surgical team offer Latisse treatments for natural-looking results.

What Is Latisse Eyelash Enhancer?

Mascara, false eyelashes, and dying the eyelashes are likely your most useful methods for enhancing your eyelashes.

Unfortunately, these techniques require a greater level of work to achieve minimal improvement. Latisse is an at-home treatment for growing and thickening your eyelashes. With Latisse, you do not need to use any tricks to plump up your eyelashes.

What Are the Benefits of Latisse?

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Our patients use Latisse for fuller eyelashes because this eyelash enhancer:

  • Is applied at home — no appointments at our office after the initial evaluation
  • Can produce fuller eyelashes in sixteen weeks
  • Is easy to use
  • Can grow your own, natural eyelashes

The results of your Atlanta Latisse treatments require you to continue to use the product. If you stop using Latisse, your eyelashes will return to their natural, thinner state.

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Am I a Candidate for Latisse?

During your consultation for Latisse Atlanta plastic surgeon, Dr. Killingsworth will determine if your thin eyelashes are caused by a medical condition.

If you do have an underlying condition, we may not recommend Latisse treatment. If you are a good candidate, we will demonstrate how to apply Latisse to your eyelashes and when to expect results.


How Do You Use Latisse Eyelash Enhancer?

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Applying Latisse is fast and easy. Remove your makeup and contact lenses.

Each night before you go to bed, remove the applicator from the bottle. Run the applicator along your upper eyelashes only. As you sleep, your normal eye movement will distribute Latisse to your lower eyelashes.

How Much Does Latisse Cost?

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We provide you with a complete cost of your Latisse treatment after your consultation. We accept payment by personal check, cash, credit card, CareCredit, and Alphaeon Credit financing.

How Do I Get Started With Latisse in Atlanta?

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Atlanta plastic surgeon, Dr. Christopher Killingsworth, Dr. Stephanie Farber and their staff of plastic surgery professionals would be happy to help you set up a personal consultation to discuss Latisse eyelash enhancer in more detail. Contact our Atlanta office at (678) 208-6008, our Cumming, GA office at (678) 400-0302, or request an appointment online today.

At Astra Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, we believe plastic surgery can achieve beautiful yet subtle results that accentuate your natural contours. Whether you opt for surgical treatments or non-invasive procedures, your cosmetic surgeon should possess a thorough understanding of the body's symmetry and proportions to ensure the best possible outcomes.*

Schedule a consultation today to learn how Astra Plastic Surgery can empower you to take control of your look.