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Furrowed or dropping eyebrows paired with fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead can cause patients to have a constant unpleasant facial expression or simply appear older than they are. At Astra Plastic Surgery, we offer endoscopic brow lift surgery to correct these signs of aging on the face and provide patients with a younger-looking appearance. There are many different techniques used to perform brow lift surgery, including temporal, direct, coronal, and hairline brow lift surgery. Endoscopic brow lift surgery takes a less-invasive approach than open brow lift surgery, allowing patients to enjoy similar rejuvenating results with a shorter procedure time, as well as recovery period.

What Is Endoscopic Brow Lift Surgery?

Endoscopic brow lift surgery in Atlanta treats common signs of facial aging such as sagging or uneven brows, forehead lines and creases, and crow’s feet. As the skin begins to lose elasticity and the effects of gravity set in, many patients begin to notice these signs of aging appear. Because we express a variety of emotions with the help of our eyebrows, patients may appear tired, sad, or even angry as a result of aging brows. Endoscopic brow lift surgery can lift and correct the brow, allowing patients to look as young as they feel.

Endoscopic brow lift surgery differs from open brow lift surgery because of the way it is performed. Rather than making a large incision along the hairline, endoscopic brow lift surgery lifts the eyebrows and forehead from beneath the surface of the skin and incisions are discreetly placed behind the hair line. Through these incisions, a camera is inserted to assess the internal structure and special tools are used to lift and reposition the skin. The results of endoscopic brow lift surgery are natural-looking and long-lasting.

What Are The Benefits Of Endoscopic Brow Lift Surgery?

Endoscopic brow lift surgery can provide aesthetic improvements to the appearance of the eyebrows and forehead. Endoscopic brow lift surgery has many rejuvenating benefits that can help patients restore their confidence and look as young as they feel. Endoscopic brow lift surgery is commonly combined with eyelid surgery to achieve more dramatic results.



Endoscopic Brow Lift Atlanta GA
Atlanta GA Endoscopic Brow Lift

Am I An Ideal Candidate For Endoscopic Brow Lift Surgery?

If you struggle with drooping eyebrows, forehead creases and wrinkles, crow’s feet, or expression lines, endoscopic brow lift surgery may be right for you. Endoscopic brow lift surgery allows patients to achieve a rejuvenated facial appearance without the extended downtime associated with traditional brow lift surgery. During your consultation for endoscopic brow lift surgery, Dr. Killingsworth and his team of plastic surgery professionals are on hand to help decide if this is the right procedure for you.

The ideal candidate for endoscopic brow lift surgery should be in good general health and a non-smoker. It’s important that patients have realistic expectations for the results of their procedure. Our team will thoroughly review your health history and discuss your aesthetic goals with you before determining whether or not you are a candidate for this procedure.

What Should I Expect During Endoscopic Brow Lift Surgery?

Before undergoing endoscopic brow lift surgery, patients will be administered anesthesia to ensure they remain comfortable throughout the entirety of the procedure. Then, several small incisions will be made directly behind the hairline. By placing the incisions here, our team of skilled facial plastic surgeons are able to hide strategically hide any scarring that may result. Then, a small camera and light are inserted into the incision on a small, thin tube. This gives our surgeons a detailed look into the quality of the face’s underlying muscles.

Using specialized tools, our facial plastic surgeons will lift the underlying skin and muscle, allowing the brows to take on a new, youthful position. Endoscopic brow lift surgery can also slightly lift the eyelids to ensure symmetrical, comprehensive results. Endoscopic brow lift surgery involves advanced surgical techniques, which is why our team of plastic surgery professionals at Astra Plastic Surgery stresses the importance of choosing an experienced brow lift surgeon.

What Should I Expect After Endoscopic Brow Lift Surgery?

After undergoing endoscopic brow lift surgery, patients may have their incision sites dressed by our medical staff to eliminate any post-operative swelling and decrease the chance of infection. It is recommended that patients avoid any strenuous activity or exercise while recovering. Recovery times will vary per patient depending on many factors.

Following endoscopic brow lift surgery, patients may experience mild bruising, swelling, and irritation. In order to reduce these symptoms, patients should refrain from bending over and laying down, ensuring to keep their head elevated. Before sending you home after surgery, Dr. Killingsworth and his team will provide detailed recovery instructions to help patients heal quickly and achieve their desired results.

What Results Should I Expect From Endoscopic Brow Lift Surgery?

During your consultation for endoscopic brow lift surgery in Atlanta, Dr. Killingsworth and his staff of plastic surgery professionals will go over your expected results in detail. It is important to remember that all patients are different and will receive different results. The results of endoscopic brow lift surgery are dependent on factors such as individual anatomy, aesthetic goals, lifestyle factors, aftercare, and more.

Immediately after endoscopic brow lift surgery, patients may notice some results. However, the results will continue to improve over the next few months as swelling subsides and the incisions begin to heal. To maintain the results of an endoscopic brow lift, patients should use sun protection and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

How Much Does Endoscopic Brow Lift In Atlanta Cost?

Endoscopic brow lift surgery is typically considered a cosmetic procedure, so it is not likely that the procedure will be covered by insurance. Following your consultation for endoscopic brow lift surgery in Atlanta, our team will provide a detailed cost summary. Astra Plastic Surgery offers financing through CareCredit® and Alphaeon® Credit; we also accept personal checks, cash, and credit cards.

Endoscopic Brow Lift Atlanta Georgia
Atlanta Georgia Endoscopic Brow Lift

How Do I Learn More About
Endoscopic Brow Lift In Atlanta?

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