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Chest Masculinization Or Feminization Surgery

Top surgery in Atlanta, otherwise known as chest masculinization/feminization, is a procedure most often sought-after by transgender men and nonbinary individuals to remove breast or chest tissue or augment the breasts. In many cases, top surgery is a form of gender confirmation, or a means in which individuals treat discomfort that stems from their birth-assigned gender. This is called “gender dysmorphia.” Top surgery can help patients match how they identify psychologically to how they present themselves physically.

What Is Top Surgery In Atlanta?

Top surgery in Atlanta is a form of reconstructive chest surgery that is performed as a gender-affirming procedure, rather than for medical purposes. Top surgery can be tailored to individuals who were assigned female and birth, but identity as male, as well as those who were assigned male at birth, but identify as female. Some patients choose to undergo top surgery to ensure that their outward physical appearance matches their gender identity. Top surgery in Atlanta can be an effective treatment for gender dysmorphia, psychological distress caused by the difference between assigned sex and individual gender identity.

What Are The Benefits Of Top Surgery In Atlanta?

Gender-affirming top surgery can provide life-changing benefits for patients in Atlanta. Top surgery can significantly increase patient quality of life by helping eliminate feelings of gender dysmorphia. Patients who choose to undergo top surgery may experience significant emotional benefits.



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Atlanta GA Top Surgery

Who Is The Ideal Candidate For Top Surgery In Atlanta?

If you struggle from gender dysphoria, social discomfort, or a known history of gender incongruence, top surgery may be right for you. The ideal candidate for top surgery is in generally good health and a nonsmoker. When it comes to top surgery, our team at Astra Plastic Surgery takes all the necessary steps to ensure that the patient’s best interests are kept at the forefront. The ideal candidates for top surgery are over 18 years of age. Additionally, patients should be in a good place mentally and emotionally before choosing to undergo top surgery. In some cases, we require a letter from your therapist or psychiatrist confirming that you understand the extent of the procedure and the effect it may have on your life. If you have any doubts surrounding your top surgery, it is always recommended that you wait. Patients can always re-visit having top surgery, however, they can’t always get their pre-surgery body back.

What Are My Options For Top Surgery In Atlanta?

At Astra Plastic Surgery, we offer top surgery for chest feminization and chest masculinization. For each procedure, there are many different approaches to achieve the desired results of each patient. During your consultation for top surgery in Atlanta, Dr. Killingsworth and his surgical team will discuss the best option available for achieving your individual goals.

Chest Feminization:

Breast Augmentation With Implants:

Breast implants are often used to feminize the chest for patients who are transitioning from male to female. During this procedure, saline or silicone implants are inserted through a small incision on the chest. Breast augmentation with implants is a long-term, natural-looking solution to gender dysphoria.

Breast Augmentation With Fat Grafting:

Another option for chest feminization in Atlanta is breast augmentation with fat grafting. Unlike breast augmentation with implant, fat grafting uses your body’s pre-existing fat to augment the chest. First, the patient will undergo a liposuction procedure to harvest fat cells. Typical donor areas are the abdomens, hips, and thighs. Then, this fat is injected into the treatment area to add feminine volume to the chest.

Chest Masculinization:

Keyhole Top Surgery:

The keyhole method for top surgery is best suited for those who don’t have a lot of breast tissue and have good quality skin. Using this method, a small incision is made along the bottom of the areola, from which the breast tissue is removed. The keyhole method leaves the nipple intact and does not reduce the size of the areola.

Double Incision Top Surgery:

The double incision technique is the most commonly used technique for female to male top surgery. This technique is ideal for patients who are medium to large chested. During this procedure, two horizontal incisions are placed on the chest. Through these incisions, our plastic surgeons can remove the breast tissue. During this procedure, the nipples are removed and sutured back onto the skin. This procedure leaves a scar in the inframammary fold.

T-Anchor Top Surgery:

The T-anchor technique is ideal for patients that are large-chested and have poor skin quality. This technique is similar to the double incision top surgery technique, however, it utilizes an extra vertical incision. This procedure allows the skin on the chest to be re-draped without the risk of skin folding.




What Can I Expect During Top Surgery?

Top surgery in Atlanta is performed under general anesthesia to ensure the patient remains comfortable through the entirety of the procedure. The length of your surgery will depend on the surgical technique used, as well as the individual goals of the patient. In general, top surgery can take anywhere from 3-5 hours to complete.

What Can I Expect After Top Surgery?

Following top surgery in Atlanta, it is recommended that patients rest as much as possible to optimize their results. Before you are sent home, Dr. Killingsworth and his surgical team will provide you with detail post-operative instructions to ensure your recovery process goes smoothly. Some patients will have drains placed during surgery to expedite healing. Patients should make sure they wear their compression garments as directed by their doctor.

Patients may experience bruising, swelling, and discomfort after undergoing top surgery. These symptoms are commonly managed with over-the-counter pain medications. Most patients are able to return to their daily activities 1 to 2 weeks after their surgery. However, heavy lifting and vigorous exercise should be avoided for 4 to 6 weeks after surgery.

What Results Can I Expect From Top Surgery In Atlanta?

Although some results will be immediately visible after top surgery, it can take up to 6 months for patients to see the full results because of potential swelling. The final results of chest feminization may take longer to present than chest masculinization because the newly formed breasts will take time to settle into their permanent position and gain a natural look and feel. Over time, scars will fade and patients can enjoy a newfound sense of self-love.

During your consultation for top surgery in Atlanta, Dr. Killingsworth and his surgical team will provide you with further detail concerning what results to expect after top surgery. It is important that patients maintain realistic expectations when choosing to undergo top surgery in Atlanta.

How Much Does Top Surgery In Atlanta Cost?

After your consultation for top surgery, we will work with you to determine the total cost, including the patient responsibility that is not covered by insurance. We accept payment by cash, personal check, credit card, CareCredit®, and Alphaeon® Credit financing.

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How Do I Get Started With
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