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At Astra Plastic Surgery, we offer thread lifts in Atlanta for patients seeking a rejuvenated facial appearance without having to undergo a major surgical procedure and take extensive downtime. The thread lift procedure is minimally invasive and provide natural-looking and long-lasting results. PDO threads have been used in medicine since the 1980s, now proving to provide significant improvements to the appearance of sagging skin. The thread lift procedure is highly customizable to fit the individual needs of each patient. PDO threads can be used to treat the neck, jowls, jawline, nasolabial folds, crow’s feet, undereye area, eyebrows, cheeks, marionette lines, and more.

What Is A PDO Thread Lift?

A thread lift utilizes Polydioxanone (PDO) threads, dissolvable, biodegradable sutures, to tighten and lift the skin. Due to its minimally invasive nature, the thread lift procedure is quick, easy, and requires little-to-no downtime. The PDO thread lift directly tightens the skin, as well as encourages collagen production, allowing the skin to tighten even more over time. The thread lift is one of the most effective skin-tightening procedures that doesn’t require patients to undergo surgery. A thread lift uses advanced technology to achieve a more youthful appearance. By placing medical-grade threads under the skin, your plastic surgeon can trigger your body’s natural healing response, resulting in additional collagen production and rejuvenating results.

What Are The Benefits Of A Thread Lift In Atlanta?

The PDO thread lift can provide patients with life-changing benefits. Because the procedure is quick, easy, and safe, patients can enjoy rejuvenating results without having to put their busy lives on hold. PDO threads can lift and reposition sagging skin without the need for surgery, allowing patients to achieve a renewed sense of self-confidence and look as young as they feel.


PDO Thread Lift

PDO Threads Atlanta GA
Atlanta GA PDO Threads

Am I An Ideal Candidate For A Thread Lift In Atlanta?

If you are experiencing a diminished sense of self-confidence due to physical signs of aging or find yourself looking older than you feel, a thread lift in Atlanta may be right for you. A thread lift can treat signs of facial aging including, but not limited to, forehead lines, frown lines, drooping eyebrows, crow’s feet, double chin, jowls, nasolabial folds, and more. Ideal patients are in generally good health and between 30 and 50 years. PDO thread lift is also suitable for patients in their 20s who desire a more chiseled appearance. During your consultation for a thread lift in Atlanta, Dr. Killingsworth and his plastic surgery team will assess your facial concerns, determine your suitability for the procedure, and devise a treatment plan that is unique to you.

What Are My PDO Thread Lift Options?

When considering a PDO thread lift in Atlanta, it is important to note that there are multiple types of threads available for treatment. At Astra Plastic Surgery, we offer mono, cog, and screw threads. Each type of thread is designed for a slightly different treatment and can provide different results. Based on your procedure goals and problems areas, Dr. Killingsworth and his plastic surgery team will help you decide which PDO threads will work best for you.

PDO Mono Threads:

PDO mono threads are the most basic threads used for the thread lift procedure. These threads are smooth and do not contain any barbs. Mono threads are most effective for treating lax skin on the neck or neck lines, as well as signs of aging that present on the forehead or under the eyes. Mono threads are best known for their skin tightening effects.

PDO Cog Threads:

PDO cog threads have barbs (similar to tiny fish hooks) that grab and latch into your skin to lift and support various parts of your face. The barbs on cog threads give the skin extra structure, allowing for visible lifted effects. Cog threads are often used to lift and slim the jawline and jowls.

PDO Screw Threads:

PDO screw threads comprise two intertwined threads and are used to restore volume to sunken areas of the face. Screw threads are most used to restore volume to areas of the face. Screw threads can be combined with other types of PDO threads to achieve maximum results.

What Can I Expect During The Thread Lift Procedure In Atlanta?

The PDO thread lift in Atlanta is an outpatient treatment. You will be given a local anesthetic, so it’s important to have someone drive you home. Depending on the size of the treatment area and your goals for the procedure, the thread lift may take anywhere for 45 to 90 minutes to complete. Once the procedure begins, the entry points of the threads will be marked on your face. Then, the threads are inserted and positioned accordingly. Once the threads are secured and the skin has been lifted and tightened, the needles are removed, and the excess threads are trimmed.

What Can I Expect After A Thread Lift?

Patients can return home immediately following their thread lift procedure. Some patients may experience bruising or swelling after their thread lift, but these symptoms typically subside in the days following treatment. Before sending you home, Dr. Killingsworth and his plastic surgery team will give you specific instructions on how to care for the treated area. It’s important that patients follow these instructions carefully to expedite the healing process and maximize the results. Following the treatment, patients should avoid washing their face and applying makeup or skincare products. Additionally, patients should sleep in a propped-up position to alleviate any swelling.


What Results Can I Expect From A Thread Lift?

The results of your thread lift in Atlanta will depend on the type of thread lift you receive, your individual goals for the procedure, and your quality of skin. A significant benefit of the PDO thread lift is the immediate and apparent results. As the PDO threads begin to dissolve, your body begins producing collagen with continuously improved results in four to six weeks. Depending on the type of PDO thread being used, your results may last six months to one year.

During your consultation for a thread lift in Atlanta, Dr. Killingsworth and his plastic surgery team will discuss exactly what results you can expect from your thread lift.

How Much Does A PDO Thread Lift In Atlanta Cost?

PDO Thread Lift is a cosmetic procedure and is not covered under medical insurance. Your treatment plan is specific to your treatment needs. Costs will vary with each patient and are based on the number of threads needed and the type of threads being used. Our team will explain your options during your consultation.

PDO Threads Atlanta Georgia
Atlanta Georgia PDO Threads

How Do I Get Started With
Thread Lift In Atlanta?

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