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Co2 Fractional Resurfacing

At Astra Plastic Surgery, we offer skin treatments utilizing fractionated Co2 laser technology to treat a wide variety of common skin concerns our patients struggle with. The use of fractionated Co2 lasers is safe, effective, and virtually painless. This advanced laser technology promotes the production of new, healthy skin with great precision. Because of their minimally invasive nature, fractionated Co2 laser treatments allow patients to achieve a rejuvenated appearance without the need to undergo a lengthy surgical procedure.

What Is A Fractionated Co2 Laser Treatment?

In the past, skincare professionals relied on fully ablative lasers to resurface and stimulate collagen production in the skin. However, these treatments are often more invasive, require prolonged downtime, and can be harsher on the skin when compared to the fractionated laser treatment. Fractionated Co2 laser treatments in Atlanta use focused beams of light to vaporize the top layer of the skin, diminishing the appearance of a variety of common skin concerns.

Because the focused beams of light create micro-wounds on the surface of the skin, the skin’s natural healing process is triggered. As a result, patients will regenerate new skin in the treatment areas. The fractionated Co2 laser treatment also stimulates collagen production, allowing patients to achieve a brighter, smoother, and tighter complexion.

What Are The Benefits Of Fractionated Co2 Laser Treatments In Atlanta?

Fractionated Co2 laser treatments can be used to treat large surface areas with ease, or smaller areas of concern with precision. Fractionated Co2 laser treatments offer patients many rejuvenating benefits, including, but not limited to minimized sun damage, improved skin texture, increased collagen production, and more. Fractionated Co2 lasers can be used to treat the face, neck, chest, hands, and arms.



Fractionated Co2 Laser Atlanta GA
Atlanta GA Fractionated Co2 Laser

Am I An Ideal Candidate For Fractionated Co2 Laser?

The ideal candidate for the fractionated Co2 laser is someone who struggles from skin imperfections caused by trauma to the skin, genetics, and more. Many patients who have concerns about acne scarring, sunspots, fine lines, and wrinkles, seek out fractionated Co2 laser treatments in Atlanta. The ideal candidate should be generally healthy and have realistic expectations for the procedure.

Patients with darker skin tones may not be ideal candidates for fractionated Co2 laser treatments due to the risk of skin discoloration or loss of skin pigment. Additionally, patients who smoke may not be eligible for this procedure, as smoking slows the body’s natural healing process. During your consultation for fractionated Co2 laser treatments, our skin care team will thoroughly assess the health of your skin and help in deciding if the fractionated Co2 laser is right for you.

What Can I Expect During The Fractionated Co2 Laser Treatment?

Before the treatment begins, our team will ensure the area is properly anesthetized to maintain patient comfort. Although general anesthesia is not required, both a topical numbing agent and an injected local anesthetic may be administered. Once the area is numb, the treatment will begin. The small, handheld laser device will be slowly moved across the treatment area, focusing on the patient’s areas of concern. Patients will be provided with special goggles to ensure their eyes remain safe from the intense beams of the fractionated Co2 laser.

Depending on the specific goals of the patient and the size of the treatment area, fractionated Co2 laser resurfacing can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Although numbed before beginning the treatment, many patients report the sensation of the laser to feel like a rubber band being repeatedly snapped against their skin.

What Can I Expect After The Fractional Co2 Laser Treatment?

Following treatment, the skin may feel warm, almost as if it were sunburnt. It is normal for the surface of the skin to appear red, swollen, and moist. Over the days following the treatment, these symptoms will subside and the skin may begin to flake and develop scabs. Blistering is also normal. These symptoms are a sign that the skin is successfully being regenerated. Once the skin fully heals, patients can enjoy glowing, rejuvenated skin.

After the fractionated Co2 laser treatment, patients may be provided with an antibiotic gel to apply as the skin heals to lower the risk of infection. It is important that patients refrain from touching their face and take extra measures to ensure their skin remains clean and dry. Ice may be applied to reduce swelling. Before sending you home, our team will provide detailed aftercare instructions to minimize the recovery period and maximize results.


What Results Can I Expect From The Fractionated Co2 Laser?

Although the treatment area will be noticeable tighter, smoother, and brighter once all of the old, damaged skin has been shed, the final results can be seen anywhere from 3 to 6 months after the procedure. During this time, collagen production will be boosted and the skin’s overall quality will improve.

Patients may experience prolonged redness, sometimes lasting for up to a year. However, this is normal and will subside over time. This redness can be concealed with makeup. During your consultation for the fractionated Co2 laser treatment, our skin care team will provide further information on what results to expect.

How Much Does The Fractionated Co2 Laser Treatment Cost In Atlanta?

The cost of the fractionated Co2 laser treatment will vary for each patient depending on their goals, cosmetic concerns, and the size of the treatment area. During your consultation for the fractionated Co2 laser treatment in Atlanta, our team will discuss your options and provide you with a detailed cost breakdown. We accept payment by cash, personal check, and credit card.

Fractionated Co2 Laser Atlanta Georgia
Atlanta Georgia Fractionated Co2 Laser

How Do I Get Started With
Fractionated Co2 Laser In Atlanta?

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