March 21, 2024

Spring into Beauty Popular Cosmetic Procedures for a Fresh Look

By: Astra Plastic Surgery

At last, the season of fresh starts is upon us. If you’re ready to greet the warmer weather with a refreshed look, you’re in good company: many people choose springtime to schedule their beauty brush-ups. Here are a few of our most popular plastic surgery procedures to consider this time of year.

What Makes Spring Ideal for Plastic Surgery?

By planning your self-renewal for springtime, you’re taking a page right out of Mother Nature’s playbook. As leaves return and flowers bud, your beautiful new look will bloom right alongside them.

Beyond the seasonal parallel of reemergence, spring is simply a practical choice for scheduling cosmetic procedures. With fewer holidays on the calendar, you’ll enjoy an uninterrupted recovery without the pressures of upcoming get-togethers. And, moderate weather means you can still stay mostly covered up — no worries about exposing your surgical sites as they heal. Wearing layers will make it easy to keep bandages, post-surgical drains, and swelling concealed. By the time tank top weather rolls around, you’ll be all healed up and ready to reveal your results.

Which Plastic Surgery Procedures Are Best for Spring?


If you’ve ever wished for a magic wand that could make unwanted fat disappear, liposuction is the answer. And you’re certainly not alone in this struggle: liposuction was the number-one plastic surgery procedure for 2022, with more than 325,000 procedures performed in the US.

As we age, our ability to eliminate fat wanes, and diet and exercise aren’t always enough to achieve your desired physique — which is where liposuction comes in. This powerful technique achieves natural contours in areas where fat tends to linger, including the neck, arms, chin, stomach, hips, back, butt, and thighs. Schedule your liposuction this spring to banish swimsuit season stress.

Breast Augmentation

Whether you’ve always wanted fuller (or smaller) breasts, you’ve started to see the not-so-fun side effects of gravity, or both, a breast augmentation can give you more confidence in your figure. Unlock the curves you’re after with this procedure, which can enhance both the size and shape of your breasts. With techniques like breast lifts, implants, breast reconstruction, and treatment for gynecomastia, our plastic surgery team will achieve natural-looking, proportional results.

Spring is the best time for breast augmentation since cooler temperatures will allow you to keep your incisions covered as you heal without having to layer up too heavily. But with warm weather approaching, sundresses, bikinis, and tank tops are just around the corner. Booking your procedure now means you’ll be on your way to a new level of confidence for the summer.


That first wave of warm weather often has us feeling carefree and youthful. For a freshened-up look that reflects your vivacious spirit, there’s nothing quite as powerful as a facelift. While injectables can reverse some signs of aging, a facelift significantly reduces deep creases and tightens the face for a smoother, natural look. The process won’t change your overall features but diminishes the effects of gravity so you look and feel like your familiar self again.

Book Your Springtime Plastic Surgery Procedure at Astra Plastic Surgery

No matter how you choose to hit reset for springtime, Astra Plastic Surgery can have you looking your best for the season. With both surgical and non-surgical procedures available, we offer a customized approach to achieving your unique cosmetic goals. Let’s discuss yours during a free consult, which you can schedule by calling 678.990.3551 or by using our online form.