March 21, 2024

The Best Non-Surgical Plastic Surgery Options Before Summer

By: Astra Plastic Surgery

Believe it or not, summer is only a dozen weeks away. While we’re only at the start of spring, now is the time to start getting summer-ready. If your goals this year include cosmetic enhancements, non-surgical procedures might be right for you. These quick in-office treatments can achieve noticeable results by Memorial Day — all without excessive downtime or incisions.

Before we get any further into 2024, here are some of the top non-surgical cosmetic procedures to schedule now.


Even with routine exercise and a nutritious diet, some stubborn fat just won’t respond to traditional weight loss methods. Sound familiar? If so, CoolSculpting® might be the tool you need for that final firming. Without any anesthesia, stitches, or extensive recovery, this in-office procedure achieves noticeable slimming effects. It works by freezing away fat cells through a handheld device without damaging any skin or surrounding tissue. Your body then eliminates the targeted fat cells through dissolution, so you’ll look leaner in your target zones.

CoolSculpting® is most effective for areas on the body where skin can be pinched between your fingers, including your abdominal region, back, thighs, and hips. The right number of treatments will depend on your specific goals, but some patients see visible results in as little as three weeks. You’ll most likely see peak results in about six weeks — plenty of time for summer if you schedule soon!

Laser Skin Resurfacing

We know that summer is the season for sunblock: SPF is non-negotiable for both skin cancer prevention and slowing the signs of aging. But unfortunately, existing sun damage can’t be reversed with sunscreen. In-office cosmetic treatments are your best bet for that.

Laser skin resurfacing enhances the tone and texture of your skin, eliminating common sun damage issues like sun spots, fine lines, and wrinkles, as well as blemishes and other concerns. In this procedure, our skincare team uses a handheld laser to heat layers of your skin, triggering collagen production. This powerful protein promotes elasticity and cell regeneration, improving your skin’s tone and texture. Expect full results within two to three months, right in time to show off smoother skin during summer getaways, backyard barbecues, and long holiday weekends.

PRP Facial

If you’ve searched online for “non-surgical cosmetic procedures near me,” don’t be alarmed when you come across the vampire facial. Also known as a platelet-rich plasma (PRP) facial, the technique combines two powerful cosmetic treatments for skin rejuvenation.

First, our skincare experts use microneedling to create micro-wounds on the surface of your skin. Then, they apply PRP, a solution derived from your own body rich with regenerative properties. The micro-wounds enable deeper saturation of PRP into your skin, resulting in increased collagen, improved moisture retention, and diminished appearance of fine lines and other flaws. Though this procedure does require four to six days of healing time, results will appear in several weeks and continue to reveal themselves within six months. Skin appears smoother, tighter, and fuller – in other words, primed for summer selfies.

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