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Atlanta Residents Ask: What Areas Of The Body Can Be Treated By Laser Hair Removal? Astra Plastic Surgery

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Head, shoulders, knees, and toes is more than a nursery rhyme song to medical spas, but just a small list of areas that can be treated by their Atlanta laser hair removal services. If you’ve ever considered permanently ridding yourself of hairy problem areas, you’ve probably wondered just how widely it can be applied to your body. You may be surprised at just how many areas can get rid of the bush, instead of just beating around it.


Laser hair removal is a non-invasive technique used to permanently rid treated areas of future hair growth. Laser technology employs the use of highly concentrated light to penetrate the hair follicle, while the resulting heat permanently damages it.


A major reason why laser hair removal is a popular treatment is due to its ability to treat virtually any body surface with unwanted hair. Generally, medical spas will classify treatment areas based on overall size. These include:

  • Small areas such as the upper lip, chin, or underarms
  • Medium areas including the neck, face, shoulders, or Brazilian area
  • Large areas like the chest, back, arms, or legs


The number of sessions necessary to reach your desired results, as well as the length of each session, is determined by a number of factors. These variables may include hair thickness, hair color, and skin color. Generally, those with the best results have a more striking contrast between their skin and hair colors, more specifically, those with lighter skin and darker hair. The thickness and color of hair may vary in different areas of the body, so this is something to take into account if deciding on which areas to get treated. It may seem obvious, but it is also important to note that target treatment areas that are larger as a whole, will take longer to treat than smaller treatment areas.

For example, the chin may easily be treated in a 10-minute session, but larger areas like the back could take up to an hour and require several sessions to obtain optimal results. If you’re tired of waxing, shaving, and tweezing and are interested in a more permanent solution, contact Atlanta Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Christopher Killingsworth of Astra Plastic Surgery. Dr. Killingsworth provides quality laser hair removal treatments that can be applied to even the most stubborn areas of the body. The people of Atlanta are loving their softer, smoother, hair-free skin this Summer.

At Astra Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, we believe plastic surgery can achieve beautiful yet subtle results that accentuate your natural contours. Whether you opt for surgical treatments or non-invasive procedures, your cosmetic surgeon should possess a thorough understanding of the body's symmetry and proportions to ensure the best possible outcomes.*

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